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Vacuum Carbon Tube Furnace

Application:The furnace is extensively used for sintering and fabrication of non-organic material (such as ceramic seal, silicon carbide, zirconia, zinc oxide and aluminum dioxide), metal materials (e.g., hard alloy) under vacuum or protection atmosphere. It is also used for purification of rare earth elements and its oxide and sapphire annealing. It is also used in colleges, universities and scientific research institutes.
●Stand Structure and Upper Discharge
●Resistor is used in the furnace for heating in which graphite tube heating unit has long service life with good heating effect.
●Tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire is used in thermostat element. Furnace temperature is controlled automatically in two sections: thermoelectric couple for automatic control for 0-1500°C, thermoelectric couple back into insulation for above 1500℃ when infrared thermostat instrument begins to work for automatic control.
●Taipower regulator is imported and used for perfect silicon controlled protection against over-load, short-circuit, false triggering and over-voltage.
●Multiple channels are used for data acquisition with the equipment and man-machine interface is used for display and operation so that the operation parameters are on display, simplifying operation.
●Furnace body; double layer water cooling structure, possible for vacuum extraction; vacuum tube interface is available, vacuum break valve and inflation hole are mounted.
●Well distributed temperature: heating with graphite bar combination well distributes temperature.

working temperature

1200℃~2300℃(According to customer requirements)

Maximum operating temperature


Workspace size

Φ120mm~Φ600mm×H100mm~ H500mm(According to customer requirements)

Heating mode

Graphite carbon tube

heating rate


Load cooling time

5 hours

Temperature control mode

programmable and PID auto control
Tungsten-rhenium thermocouple with tungsten sleeve ——Infrared temperature instrument

Temperature uniformity


Limit Vacuum Degree

6.7×10-3Pa(Cold state)

Inflation pressure

≤ 0.05MPa(Micro positive pressure)

Pressure rise rate

2 Pa/h

Rated voltage

Three-phase 380V 50Hz


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